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Nebraska Proposed Designs

Winning design chosen for the Nebraska quarter.

Chimney Rock

Other finalists designed by The Mint for the the Nebraska quarter.

Chief Standing Bear Sower State Capitol

Versions designed by The Mint for the Nebraska quarter.

Chief Standing Bear Chimney Rock Sower State Capitol

Design narratives

Design narratives of these five design concepts selected by the Nebraska Quarter Committee will be submitted to the United States Mint

The top five designs from the online voting

Covered wagon with Chimney Rock and shining sun in the background.
First Place
Chimney Rock, Standing Bear and State Capitol combination.
Second Place
Pony Express rider, train engine and state outline.
Third Place
Dancing crane, cornstalk, Chimney Rock and state outline.
Fourth Place
Futuristic design showing a car, train, horse, airplane and satellite
Fifth Place

Public voting took place until Sept. 1 on these 25 designs

Design 1 Design 2 Design 3 Design 4
Design 5 Design 6 Design 7 Design 8
Design 9 Design 10 Design 11 Design 12
Design 13 Design 14 Design 15 Design 16
Design 17 Design 18 Design 19 Design 20
Design 21 Design 22 Design 23 Design 24
Design 25

Sample of designs submitted for the Nebraska quarter

Alyssa R Johnson Lonnie Simpson Jill Chavet Ashley Swigart Lisa Fuhrman
Holly Byers Vern Hauger Misty Zabokrtsky Sarah Vitash Kerry Tebbenkamp
Brad Helmick Rachael Duden Tanor Fleming Sara Shinn Katarina Zeadow
Jake Wiltfang Nathan Warnock Samantha Henske Nik Stevenson Aaron Brodahl
Cameron Zacc Hadley Charlee Kolby D Stortenbecker Grace Perdue
Riley Bengston Margaret Lee Gage Kreitman Kendra Vanderbeek Jared Steffensmeier
Petra Rangel Mariah Thompson Tanner Martin Emily White David M
Zach Crawford Nate Oswald Ethan Gauket Heidi Arriaza Cody Parker
Jaylor Epp Katie Jershin Benjamin Fox Ryan Loudee Cody Vama
Roger Anderson Gary L Rehrs Cindy Quedensley Matt Steinhausen Jeff Barnes
Roger Anderson Brad Dutton Tim Reigert Greg Garrett Trisha Reiser
Joanna Kochenower Connie Kahrs Chad Schneider Troy Rose Joseph Kennedy
Linda S Craig Dylan Aufdenkamp Terra Thompson Alexandria Hedlund Diane Pratt
Kody Inderlied Brian Hale Dan Kaup Kelsey Meyer Chana Orton
Barbara Butterfield Dave Anderson Ian Ervin Dani Sittler Daren Keller
Patti Haertel Tammy Goodwin Taryn Zastraw Nicholas Theisen Lowell & Willa Fenster
James Krance A.I.T Greg Holdren Jane Epley Norman H Marks Chad Schock
Alexandria Clark Samuel Gilhan Kyle Rohrich Timothy E Becker Robert Czapla
Julia Ettwein Helen Dauner Stephanie Welch Joel F Faires Jr Joel F Faires Jr
Margi Lennemann Dave Wright Michele Tllley James Krance A.I.T Melissa M Day
Gail Masonbrink Judy Nichelson Brayden McLaughlin

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