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These are some comments from visitors to

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"Nature lovers celebrate the appearance of favorite animals, plants and birds on these coins, and there are lots of us! Oklahomans should be proud to have the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher as a visitor, a very unusual bird that brings thousands of human visitors with binoculars into the state. This bird is for all time, past and future, a natural treasure. In Idaho, the Falcon, "just a bird head", is a flying miracle, rescued from disaster by concern and care for our grandchildren to appreciate. It celebrates Idaho's Snake River clifflands, a startling prospect seen from the rolling farmlands nearby, where thousands of raptor birds nest and soar. Maybe that bird head would make you curious enough to go see one of these critters, and sample the wildness that Idaho still preserves."

"I just received my 2008 proof set from the Mint, so I now have all 50 state quarters. One thing that I've thought during the entire ten-year run is that the Mint should have moved the mint mark to the reverse side of the coins as they did with the date. For those of us who collect the quarters from all three mints, it would make them distinguishable when viewed from the reverse side.
Of course, it's too late now, but it would have been a good idea."

"when will hawaii be released?" Quarterdesigns: Hawaii will be released around October/November 2008

"When will the presidential quarter be out and in stores?" Quarterdesigns: The first two are in circulation now. George Washington and John Adams

"I thought the New Hampshire design was atrocious even before the Old Man of the Mountain crashed to the ground. For me, a rock formation in profile with words superimposed on it - takes the cake. Simple state outlines, as in the Michigan quarter, are also boring, as are building domes, as in the Maryland quarter. In general, I think the designs started getting better in 2005, when western nature themes began appearing. If I had to pick a favorite design, Oregon and Arizona would be prime candidates."

"I am sorry and sad to see that New Mexico's quarter is so plain."

"The Oklahoma quarter is all wrong!!! No Indians or oil references??? Plus, the idea that the Pioneer Woman statue carrying a bible is not allowed...then the other side of the quarter says "In God We Trust"!!!! Ridiculous!!!!! Innacurate to say the least and I am VERY disappointed in the final design, to say the least."

"I'm collecting state quarters and it is soooooooooo much fun!!!! they have such nice designs...."

"I think for Idaho that any of the 3 not chosen would have been a lot better than the bird"

"I liked the land of the midnight sun but we don't have many polar bears here so the brown was probably the best"

"I so wanna collect em all!!!"

"for 2008 alaska and hawaii are the best ones, oklahoma is 2008 biggest flop, followed real close by nm."

"Some of the designs are so unimaginative. These states have history, native and otherwise, yet many states chose very sad designs."

"I started to collect them since 1999, can't wait to get them all done so I can place it in the frame, great way to learn US map and see all beautiful quarters."

"Let's take a vote (KANSAS USERS ONLY): Of the 4 finalists, which design for the KS quarter should've been chosen? And if you voted in the election, what design did you vote for? I choose Ad Astra Indian"

"I think that all of the Alaska quarters designs are amazing, It must have been a hard choice but I think that they made the right one!!!!(I'm from California.)"

"hello, I love collecting state quarters and my favorits are montana, washington and Montana, although I love them all!!!!"

"The winning Wyoming design is horrible! The finalist of that design with the greater detail and the Teton range mountains was by far the best for that coin!"

"American History at its worst, no references to blacks, or indians, we do know state borders, animals, things,birds and plants, and the only way for a woman to achieve success is to be deaf, dumb and blind. Helen Keller Alabama, Good Snow Job America."

"The Oklahoma quarter design should be revised to include a peace pipe to represent the Native American heritage that is part of Oklahoma's history.
I hope that the people who selected the design would at least consider amending it a little by adding a peace pipe to recognize the Native American heritage before the design is finalized."

"Why in the heck does the Idaho quarter have a falcon on it? Did you know falcons only exist in a five mile by twenty mile region in the entire state of Idaho; the thirteenth biggest state!"

"Are there any quarters out there that have George Washington on both sides of the quarters? There is no date listed on the quarter."

"Hey! I'm from Holland and I'm collecting it to!"

"Im collecting and it it so fun i cant wait to go to the states to find more."

"Yo i like nevada and Montana they r my life!"

"I love the state quarters!My favorite is the Alaska quarter.I like the idea of a grizzly bear!"

"I wish hawaii choose the hula girl"

"Kansas is so boring, just like michigan and texas!!!"

"HAWAII, closes the program with a GOLDEN BROCH, they STANDED UP THIER HERITAge using King Kameha and their own language. HOOORAYYYYYYYYYYYYY"

"I spent many years in Oklahoma and am saddened by their choice. Like Idaho, they gave their history short shrift by showing only a bird. The scissortail flycatcher is a pretty bird, but any of the other designs would have been preferable."

"The tree on the Connecticut quarter is the Charter Oak."

"the texas quarter is the worst design of the series. map - star - rope - motto only. no alamo or other history"

"It looks like New Mexico took a quick glance at the under-creative Texas quarter, subbed a NM map for the Texas one and a zia for the star. We'll be in the running for most boring for sure."

"I can't believe New Mexico, my state, could only come up with a map outline on most of the designs and the fact we brought atom bombs to the world another choice...thankfully not selected. That's it??? Sad. Embarrassing. The Zia is a nice start, but so disappointing."

"On the vermont quarter is that johny appleseed them trees? I don't understand why they put a tree on connecticut."

"Alot of people say that they do not like the Wyoming quarter. I love it! I like simple. My least fav. quarter is NEW HAMPSHIRE!! UGH! My fav., though, is also Illinois. I like that one and Wyoming. The Alaska is cool too."

"I love looking at the back of quarters. My favorites would have to be New Hampshire, New Jersey, Virginia, Mississippi, Vermont and Missouri. They are so wonderful-I love it!"

"WYOMING: Bronco? I see a paper snowflake made with the crappy blunt-nosed scissors I had in grade school. Even Edward Scissorhands could do better."

"Just a Thank you. Your site completed my project with the designs yet to be made. Penny (Really my name)"

"I'm from New Mexico and i am so proud of my state no matter what the quarter desing is! The ABOMB is a part of my states history just like the Albuquerque balloons! why do you people hate the design so much?!?! if you dont like it why didnt you come up with a design for my beautiful state???"

"The worst design ever is Kansas! There is just a buffalo on it! Are there even buffalo in Kansas?"

"Arizona is by far the best of the quarters. Awesome state, awesome quarter!
Too bad Utah did not choose the BeeHive - that design was really neat. Wish Alaska had done the polar bear."

"the release chart on this site says that the idaho quarter will be released in may, but the chart says that it still hasn't been released" Quarterdesigns:The Idaho quarter was released June 4. Future release dates on the chart are approximate.

"how does the design of wyoming quarter look?"


"I love your website! I needed a website that would give me a nice view of the state Quarters. Your website was perfect."

"This forum has become moronic."

"why did they put those designs in montana's state quarter?"

"I'm a NEW MEXICAN and i am so prould of my beautiful stat!!! shure its not the best looking quarter but the state is BEAUTIFUL just come and have a look!!"


"each year has a flop, new mexico and oklahoma are head to head for being the 2008 flop
georgia, maryland, ny, louisiana, the first 4 flops!!!
alabama, michigan/texas, california, colorado, other flops
idaho, oklahoma the last flops!!"

"The worst design with no doubts is Michigan, followed by Texas, to simple for all the history and scenery in all states. Nevada, tennesse and hawaii are awesome. Kentucky and utah are great also. very sorry for maryland and oklahoma"

"to the cow head person who is well known in Missoula, Montana. I have a question. When did you move to Missoula from California? I have never set foot in the Funshine State. I was born and raised in Montana (Lake County)"

"I started collecting coins b/c of the Indiana state quarter back in 2002. My favorite though is the Illinois state quarter. I like when the state shows it's outline on the quarters. Runner ups-IN,SD,MO,AZ.The worst NH,WY,MS,MD,CT."

"Being a foreigner (Belgian) I am delighted to learn about the 50 states and I'm thrilled to discover another new coin when I'm changing for quarters at the laundry... sad to go home before collecting them all !"

"Who wrote all this?!? I was up all night reading this and I didn't get the info that I needed!The description said that this would tell about the state flower and the state bird, I didn't find anything! If you want customers, i suggest that you really mean what the decriptions say. Please re-do this so that i can get info for my state report.
Your humble reader,
Lilly Billing"

"New Mexico should have portrayed Pancho Villa with the Motto, "Terror of the State" instead of the poop tart, sorry, pop tart."

"Way to go - Arizona! By far the best of the 50 designs! Once again, New Mexico falls down - thanks Governor Richardson for always choosing mediocrity: your citizens have come to expect nothing more. Glad to see Hawaii honoring King Kamehameha - very appropriate and a fitting tribute."

"The bird & flower doesn't give much history of the state, I think we need to include the rest of our heritage."

"I have collected 4 albums of all the quarters and some of them are absoloutely "Beautiful" I'm from Oklahoma and I am disappointed in this one. I really want to cry...We are "Sooners" proud of our Indian Heritage, the five tribes that were settled here as well as our Pioneer stock. We are also known as the "Bible Belt and Tornado Alley. Oklahoma is blessed with many Country singers and we have had an abundance of oil refined in our state...I would have liked to be represented by a DREAM CATCHER with at least three of the above mentioned items. I want to feel like I'm looking at our history, couldn't you please change your mind?"

"As a 10 year old girl, i think the bird symbolizes freedom to indians forced to move to oklahoma and light for the hard times and drought for hope
p.s its nature the thing we grow away from. these pasing year"

"I like that Oklahoma chose the state bird, its beautiful and more states should have gone with something like that! OK Resident"

"Shame on people who overuse the word racism. Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, etc. are not states. It's a STATE quarter program. Yell at someone else."

"My favorite coin is Nevada! money money"

"you need to put what date wyoming's quater comes out!"

"Alaska quarter, with the Big Dipper (as on their flag) would be instantly recognizable... and attractive!"

"Every time I look at my collection of Stathood quarters, I just can't decide which is the best, they are all great pieces of art."

"I guess that unless the Senate passes the territorial quarter extension, the program is over, design-wise."

"Not wanting non-states on the STATE quarters is racism? That is ridiculous. They're not states. As soon as they become states, they'll be on a quarter. Besides, throwing around the word racism like that is irresponsible."

"Idaho was first presented to Congress, by mining lobbyist George M. Willing, as a name for a new territory around Pike's Peak. He told Congress that Idaho was a Shoshone Indian word that meant "Gem of the Mountains." Just as Congress was about to bestow this name, it came to their attention that Idaho was not an Indian name, but a name made up by Mr. Willing. In reaction, Congress designated the territory Colorado.
Gold was found in Nez Perce country, and these discoveries became known as the "Idaho Mines." Though Idaho had been discarded as a name for the Colorado territory, the name still became well known. In 1863, Congress created a new territory for the Idaho Mines and the name Idaho seemed like a natural. (The word has no meaning!)"

"I'm dissapointed in the Hawaii coin design choice"

"How can they call Colorado colorful if there's no color? DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!"

"The last quarter that was not a finalist for Oklahoma, looks like a spear going through the indians back...Literaly."

"hi there i like quarters with states on them!!! All i want to say is, keep those quarters coming out!!!"

"RACIST PEOPLE do not want part of the USA (PR, Virgin Islands... ) even DC in the Quarter Program, SHAME for RACISM"

"This is NOT an official site to the quarters program, so when you look on COINS magazine, you get to see the true designs FIRST"

"I'm sorry, but Oklahoma's heritage is based on the Indian and cowboy (sooners, oil fields and pioneer woman. The more appropriate quarter would have been the End of the Trail with the 5 civilized tribes on it. I am "White" by the way."

"Too bad for New Mexico too. There are some BEAUTIFUL places to visit too! There is way too much there for them to continue to dwell on the fact that Albuquerque, the zia and the state shape are not the only attibutes to "the land of enchantment". Carlsbad caverns, route 66, Roswell, indian ruins are abundant in the state, drive around deming and there are more volcano shafts than you can count! Too bad they couldn't come up with something that depicted the state and it's natural beauty!"


"Somebody called the Montana bison skull a cow skull again. Go back to California where you belong"

"Which Idaho? there are two different Idahos. Northern Idaho where the roads are poor (I refer you to Idaho 200 near Clark Fork) and there is Mormon Idaho."

"why does the New Mexico's quarter design look like a Pop Tart?"

"all the quarter designs are finally finished"

"Looks like I spoke too soon. There IS some state-bashing taking place in this forum. I spend a lot of time in North Idaho, as I live quite near it. You won't find greater beauty anywhere, including my beautiful Montana home. So PLEASE, bash the quarters if you must, but don't bash the states."

"None of the posts on this site constitute "childish state bashing." Every post on this site evidences that everyone loves their state. In fact, everyone here seems to love ALL the states. They're just disappointed in the QUARTERS. That's the whole point of this forum. So rest assured the moderator is NOT going to delete any of the posts unless they contain foul language. Please be more accommodating to opinions that differ from your own."

"I'm fully aware that the "cow head" is actually a bison skull. YOU should be fully aware that Gov. Schweitzer's personal choice was NOT the "Big Sky Country" option, but rather the BISON SKULL. He publicized his preference. But most people in Missoula were not aware of the voting for our quarter (I'm quite well known in this town. & I'm NOT A CALIFORNIAN). I'm convinced that most people across the state were not aware of the voting. Had they been, I'm confident the Elk would've won. In any case, Wyoming's is better than Montana's."

"2008 best quarter - HAWAII!!!! Alaska 2nd runner up. each year shows a weak design - oklahoma, 2nd runner new mexico"

"I like next year's designs, especially New Mexico and Hawaii. They will be the only ones to reflect local ethnic heritage. As far as the other quarters, my favorites are Ohio (my home state), Alabama (way to honor Helen Keller), and California (way to go with John Muir). My least favorites are the ones who went with the most obvious choice instead of going for something that would educate the rest of the US about their state. Those include North Carolina, Mississippi, Michigan (most boring of all), Wisconsin, and Wyoming."

"The final three states did a good job to finish the program out strong. Arizona will be in the running for best looking quarter of the 50 states."

"I hope they make some of the US territories states before the end of 2008, because if they do, that means more quarters, which means more happiness for me :)- Kansas"

"finally, all the 50 state quarter designs have been approved."

"I like the Alaska Quarter"

"Good choice with the bucking horse on the Wyoming quarter. It is a bit plain, but we are now real fancy here in Wyoming."

"Someone should be embarassed for the New Mexico coin design. 'Land of Enchantment' not 'Land of Boredom'"

"The best quarters are those that you look at and recognize the state right away. ie: Maine, Washington, Alaska,and Minnesota are Great!! Some others with a little more detail could of been (like Florida with some clouds/etc. in the sky)DETAIL without clutter is the key."

"My Ratings for 2008 quarters- OK, um i cant believe the bird and flower got the most votes! C-; NM, splendid and really nice, shows kinda a gritty side of NM, so i give it an A; AZ, one of the best quarters that will be minted, A+; AK, the final choices were good but I was hoping that "North to the Future" was going to be chosen. But oh well, still pretty nice, A; HI, really could've had a better selection but if this is what the people want, then let them have it. I guess its good, so ill give it a B. So overall, about an A-, B+ for 2008."

"I have just one thing to say about the 50 state quarters: I LOVE 'EM ALL!! Especially the 15 quarters that have the outline of their respective states as part of the design, including the Louisiana quarter with the outline of the United States & the Louisiana purchase highlighted. However, my most favorite is the Illinois quarter, because it has the most elements depicted,7, including the Chicago skyline, which is my most favorite. I will DEFINITELY treasure this wonderful and beautiful collection for the rest of my life!!"

"For the record, here are states with Indian word names: Alabama - Thicket Clearers, Alaska - Great Land, Arizona - Silver Slabs, Arkansas - Down Stream People, Connecticut - Upon The Long River, Dakota - Related People, Idaho - Sunrise, It Is Morning, Illinois - Men Or Great Men, Indiana - Land Of The Indians, Iowa - Drowsy People, Kansas - People Of The South Wind, Kentucky - Hunting Ground, Massachusetts - Great Hill, Michigan - Great Water, Minnesota - Sky Tinted Water, Mississippi - Father Of Water, Missouri - Long Canoe People, Nebraska - Flat Water, New Mexico - Aztec God Mexitili, Ohio - Beautiful Valley, Oklahoma - Land Of The Red Man, Oregon - Beautiful Water, Tennessee - From Chief Tannassie, Texas - Tejas Or Allies, Utah - Those who Dwell High Up, Wisconsin - Where Waters Gather, Wyoming - Great Plain"

"I believe that the quarter should have continue to honor our presidents instead of the one dollar coin."

"Oklahoma's Design #2 was voted the best by Oklahomans. Case closed. Resistance is futile. All four of the losing designs, a woman with a child, would have made Oklahoma look like the state of 'DeadBeat Dads'."

"Obviously, you haven't been to Idaho to appreciate that VERY MEMORABLE State!! Please, let's keep your kind of comments on trashy talk-shows where they belong! It's not a forgetable State by any means, let's just hope you keep out of it, and aquire a better STATE of mind."

"I'm surprised at what was chosen for the state design. At least three other designs represented our state more appropriately."

"The Arizona Quarter has been selected- its says its the Grand Canyon with the Saguaro..."

"New Mexico looks like it will be the only dud of the class of 2008."

"Could Idaho's coin be more ridiculous? Another poor use of a state outline. That giant bird looks like it is about to feed on the state. But I guess you can't blame Idaho for trying to remind everyone what their forgettable state looks like. They should have just put a spud on it."

"Any of Arizona's mint designs would be better than most of the quarters so far."

"The Montana cow skull in the sky is pretty creepy but at least it does not have a state outline."

"I am a native Oklahoman and I am disappointed with the design for our quarter. I voted for the pioneer woman with the BIBLE in her hand. I really don't see how the Scissor-tailed flycatcher represents our state in all it's glory. I think we need a re-vote and bring some of Oklahoma's history with it!"

"I can't believe that the state bird won out over all of the other designs becuase it is just down right UGLY!!! I think you need to have a re-vote as this is the design that is going to represent our state and the one that you said was chosen was again, DOWN RIGHT UGLY!!!!"


"Oklahomas State Quarter is the dumbest state quarter. Every state has a state bird and state flower. How about something that is more unique about the great state of Oklahoma."

"Arizona's quarter will be design 2, featuring the Grand Canyon and a Saguaro cactus."

"Whoever posts messages to this forum - can you please delete or edit comments that are simply childish state bashing? They have no place here."

"The 2004 date on the Missouri quarter refers to the bicentennial of the Corps of Discovery (Lewis and Clark) expedition."

"Oklahoma, design #2, has been selected by OK Gov. Brad Henry."

"The Oklahoma state quarter will feature the scissor-tailed flycatcher."

"Well, the selected Oklahoma design shouldn't offend anyone, but I can't see it inspiring anyone either. There's nothing uniquely Oklahoman about a bird a and two plants."

"Gov Brian Schweitzer didn't choose MT's "cow head" design. He simply announced it. I'm sure I read on Gov Schweitzer's web page that his favorite was "Big Sky Country." The bison skull design got the most votes (roughly 34%), so at least the voters' wishes have been considered, which is more than you can say for some states, where the governors seem to be choosing, rather than just announcing, the winners. The bull elk (2nd place with about 30% of the votes) would have been my choice, but the design with the most votes should prevail, even if you disagree with the final choice.
Love Alaska's winning design, and I hope Oklahoma's quarter will be the scissortail flycatcher."

"an insult of every Montanan including this Montanan is anyone who calls our design a "cow head". It is a bison skull and it is a symbol of our great state and not a dunderhead which is a symbol of your not great state of California."

"I sincerely believe the arch is appropriate for the Missouri coin, but what revelance is there for the "2004" date. Wasn't the coin minted in 2003? Additionally, I understand the arch is connecting the the continent divided by the Mississippi River, but uther than the date 1804, there is nothing on this coin about Missouri!"

"The selected Alaska quater design was my third choice. The polar bear or the sledge dogs is more representative of Alasca in my opinion."

"The chosen Hawaii state quarter design was OK, but I would have prefered the Hula dancer with the word ALOHA."

"Oklahoma Quarter to be decided no later than May 1."

"New Mexico Govenor Bill Richardson has chosen the Quarter Design-, It's known as NM-3"

"After all the diatribe on this site about the Wyoming quarter, when all is said & done it will prove to be better than the one from Montana or Idaho. Gov Schweitzer's choice of the "cow head" instead of the triumphant elk? That was an insult to every Montanan. And Idaho's "bird blocking the scenery" makes them the laughing stock of the nation."

"I am an Oklahoman. People in other states may not realize that our "Pioneer Woman" statue minted on our coin (if selected) has been altered to leave out the Bible she was carrying under her right arm....more political correctness that is destroying our heritage!!!"

"As an Oklahoma native I can not express my true feelings for the quarters we have to choose from without having it banned from this site. And after reading many responses I find I am not the only one who feels this way. The only one worth voting for did not even make it as a finalist. The “End of the Trail” design with the five civilized tribes is the best one to represent Oklahoma’s history and heritage."

"I want the bible put back in the hand of the pioneer woman"

"Why not put our money where our mouth is? Is this not a Christian nation? Is Oklahoma still in the Bible Belt? Who then, has the gall to delete the Bible from the submitted designs for our state?? The atheistic, "politically correct" crowd need to go back home and let us decide how we should be represented."

"For Utah I would of chosen the design with "THE WORLD IS WELCOME" on it because it is nice and very neat."

"I get kind of angry when the Kansas quarter gets less shiny on the side of it where it is all flat"

"Why cant you find the Montana quarter anywhere it looks very rare to me."

"Why does Ohio,the best state quarter?"

"I love collecting State Quarters!"

"Great coin Alaska!"

"Before these things go to mint, the Zia Pueblo's sacred sun symbol ought to be removed and replaced with a 55-gallon drum."

"I really do not care for the 5 that were picked. I liked the very last one that had an Native American on horse with his head down with an arrow. Or why can't there be a Native Woman with a Pioneer woman with wheat, oil and the Oklahoma State Design in the back. The ones that you have have something to do with only show pioneer women. I am sure that there will be a few comments about Our States Quarter. But you need a Native American in one of these courters."

"I am dissapointed with alaska's choice i thought AK-1 is way better then AK-3 (the winner) but it is better then AK-2 and AK-4. On another note I like Hawaii's design it is probably the best of the 5 that were up there. Hopefully Oklahoma will follow with the scissortail flycatcher one and Arizona with the grand canyon with no writing. As far as new mexico goes i hope for the upper right design (says Land of Enchantment in the state design)."

"how come alaska and hawaii designs have been chosen, yet the design isn't shown on the home page?!"

"Gov. Lingle has chosen Hawaii's state quarter design. It's #4, The Island State."

"My favorites remain Connecticut's Charter Oak and the Texas Lone Star. Montana and North Dakota are nice, too. My homestate quarter, Oklahoma, is too busy. They should have picked the one with the Scissortail flycatcher, or used the Osage shield from our flag .... or a tornado."

"war should not be honored in the quarters!!!!!"

"vote for Alaska: AK 1
Arizona: Grand Canyon (no writing on there)
Oklahoma: The one with the bird in the middle
Hawaii: your choice (no designs stand out to me)"

"I don't like the New Mexico quarter designs. I like one of the earlier designs but not the ones to pick from."

"I give one vote for discontinuing the one dollar bill."

"They should switch the design in 2009; Give someone else a chance after 75 years."

"anyone think about a quarter for D.C?"

"Mississippi's is by far the most amazing coin!!"

"I love the alaska designs."

"The flycatcher design for Oklahoma is simple and well done."

"I hope the mint doesn't give Puerto Rico, etc. their own quarters. I don't want them put on the same level as full-fledged states. Maybe they could do a nickel program for them?"


"I would like to see the states go through this process again with the quarters. This time each state would put an important historical non-president figure on their quarter. For example: Pennsylvania could do Benjamin Franklin, Virginia could do Patrick Henry, Texas could be Steven Austin and on."

"the presidential dollar coins have in god we trust incused on the edge!!"

"Please consider coin #5 for our state quarter(Arizona), The Navajo code talkers made an outstanding contribution in world war 2."

"You should have two designs for every state quarter."

"You can vote now for the Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii and Oklahoma quarters. The website for Alaska is For Arizona, For Hawaii, For Oklahoma,"

"Any final choices for 2008 made yet? They usally have chosen the final design this month (early May at the latest)??????"

"as an Oklahoma native i am extremely disappointed with what we had to choose from, i didn't care for any of them. the best finalist was the one with the Flycatcher. i personally loved the one with the Native American on the horse, it really symbolizes what our state is really about. it was overwhelmingly the best design yet it wasn't chosen as a finalist, which is really disappointing. i would have been proud having that design as my state quarter, and i can say right now the finalist designs disappoint me. why in the world would a person what an oil derrick on their state quarter, how ridiculous. well that's my 2 cents."

"As someone who was born & raised in Wisconsin, I couldn't possibly be more disapointed in our state quarter. Why is it that every chance Wisconsin has to update its national image our so-called "leaders" mess it up for us? It's as if they think it's a dirty secret that we have major cities in Wisconsin when over 2/3rds of our residents live in urban areas. As a consolation, I've adopted the Michigan quarter as "my own" since it features the Lake Michigan shoreline (which includes my hometown of Milwaukee)."

"The Oklahoma proposed quarter designs almost totally ignore our American Indian history. The pioneer woman, who, by the way, was probably the wife of an outlaw sooner or boomer, who entered the territory illegally before it was actually opened for settlement, should be decreased in size and moved to one side of the design. An American Indian couple should then be placed front and center. We are actually the only state giving recognition on our quarter to lawbreakers. Regarding the design with the scissortail and the flowers: How many people know what a scissortail is? Also, the flowers look like sunflowers instead of the Indian Blanket. Are the artists getting us mixed up with Kansas-the sunflower state? Hopefully, Governor Henry will return the proposed designs and tell the artists to start over. All the U.S. Treasury artists should be fired and the coin collectors and coin shop owners need to be kept off the state design committees. The sunbeam design is getting quite old-it is as if the artists are all getting tired and just throwing out the same thing for every state. I am now calling upon all American Indian people to write, call or email Governor Henry's office and tell him we want proper recognition of the American Indian history of Oklahoma to be represented on the quarter."

"Oklahoma Quarter - The coin with the Pioneer Woman, Oilwell, Windmill and wheat is the one I like best but the depiction of the Pioneer Woman is wrong - she is facing the wrong direction and the boy should be on her left side if we are to accurately reflect what the real statue is like."

"People can now vote for the Alaska, Arizona and Hawaii quarters. Go to the respective Governor's websites."

"Oklahoma will start voting on the final designs on Friday, April 13. Here is a link to the website to vote:"

"I love the John Wesley Powell design for the proposed Arizona Quarter. It is very graphic and is a stong statement of the Grand Canyon and what it means for the state, it's history, western water, etc. It is a stand-out. Thank You, Andy Hutchinson Dolores, CO"

"Why do the states that are on the quarters get so many of their kind?"

"So people like the Washington the most eehhh? (I voted for it too sssshhhh!)"

"Arizona quarters: DUHHHHHHHHHHH! there ghoing to have the grand canyon on them!"

"2009 is a big year for the mint. They have to make a new Quarter!"

"In 2009 the quarter will revert to its old eagle design unless any of the U.S. territories attains satehood between now and then."

"the washingotn state quarter sucks. the other choices were much better. a fool picked this quarter design indeed."

"Regarding the Presidential Dollars page, just an aside, but of all the images you have on the coins (which I realize are not necessarily going to be the poses presented on the final coins), the one you have of Pres. Hoover depicts him as he looked at least twenty years after his presidency. Also, am I the only one who finds it amusing that Pres. W.H. Harrison's coin will be in production (not just circulation) for longer than he was actually president (31 days)?"

""Where is IN GOD WE TRUST? Is it not on any of them?"
Look at the face of the coins and you will see it is there."

"The Navajo code talkers were in the Pacific Theater, not Europe."

"in god we trust is just next to washingtons face in the FRONT, it has been ther since 1999!!!!!!!"

"I'm from Oklahoma and I'm also dissapointed that the End of the Trail design wasn't chosen or at least the Indian culture wasn't represented. It wa after all Indian Territory and we as Okies are proud of that heritage. The pioneer woman is fine but there should be the Indian on there too."

"Does anyone know what the quarter will look like in 2009?"

"Dear "Of all the things New Mexico has..." that's actually the outline of the state, NOT a Pop Tart! It has the emblem on the state flag covering it up. ROFL!"

"is there any good reason for eliminating king kamehameha?"

"this is my 5th favorite website!!!(:"

"I like the Ark one for Utah. I don't like the Utah Quarter even though I live there!"

"Utah's design is a good choice, but the artwork is terrible. Too bad they didn't replicate the historic photo or at least make the trains look like the historical UPRR #119 and CPRR "Jupiter" 4-4-0 engines."

"I was born and raised in Wyoming and I think that the design chosen is the most boring of them all. The full cowboy with the fence and of course Old Faithful would have been a better representation of what Wyoming is."

Arizona - either the Navajo Code Talkers or the Grand Canyon.
Oklahoma - the scissortail flycatcher
New Mexico - ANY of them, since they're pretty much all the same, just like Wyoming.
Alaska - the sled dogs
Hawaii - Diamond Head/King Kamehameha or the hula dancer."

"Where is IN GOD WE TRUST? Is it not on any of them?"

"Helloooo quarter dudes!! Down 'ere in Arkansas we call pathetic stuff Wyoming Quarters!!!"

"I can't say Michigan is the worst, I say it is one of the best since they have the biggest freshwater lake system and all the lakes have unique shapes, and so does the mainland. But I think Arizona will be the best as long as they do designs 3 or 4. The Navajo code talkers took place in EUROPE anyway! That's a ways from Arizona."

"Where is the Montana Quarter?? I live in Houston and I usually see the first one be Feb. 1st."

"New Mexico-With all the artists in this state, is this the best we could come up with?"

"the Coins magazine showed the proposed arizona, alaska and hawaii quarters. it says that king kamea will be removed, this is very unfair, since he is an icon for hawaii"

"Why stop here? Let's do the U.S. Territories too!"

"Yellowstone IS the world's first established national park. Old Faithful would have been a much better design to use."

"Colorado- I think the final choice is one of the best of all the quarter designs. Simple, but well balanced."

"This was very helpful for collecting:)"

"Great thanks for the individual who wrote about the Arches in Utah. Your grammar had my whole family laughing together, and that means something to me."

"Colorado - you really blew it. The Maroon Bells or Mesa Verde were much nicer.
Utah - the beehive would have been great! Wish you had selected that one.
Washington - the native design for the Orca was great!
Hawaii - King K with Diamond Head. Awesome!
Alaska - Outstanding!
Arizona - Great job: love the Grand Canyon!
New Mexico and Gov. Richardson - way to continue to promote mediocrity - (like everything else in the state)! With all the natural scenery and diversity in the population - that's the best we can do? What a shame..."

"Please note that DC WANTS to become a state, it has tried to become a state, and IS a state when it comes to presidential elections. It deserves a quarter. However the rest only deserve nickels."

"Regarding your presidential dollars page, I would not include Bill Clinton or George W. Bush because they will most likely be still alive ten years from now (in 2017) and therefore, would not qualify to have their representation placed on the dollar coin."Quarterdesigns: I included them for completeness, but it is true they would most likely not be included as indicated on the Release Schedule page.

"a lot of people will be outraged, peace pipe is not a true symbol of Native Americans. also the pioneers came and forcefully took Native land. Oklahoma is a true Indian territory, and should be celebrated as true Native American territory. (remember the sooners (pioneers) came and broke the treaty and rook the land)"

"yellowstone may be USA's first National Park, not the WORLDS'"

"The Princess Cruise is not a QUARTER is a TOKEN from the SHIP, someone brough it ashore a you took it as a quarter, now you are stuck with it!"

"New Mexico almost all the same? That is just two suggestions that will not be considered!!"

"Why are New Mexico's quarters almost all the same?!?!?!?!?!"

"Utah. Awesome design. Totally historic. Unique to Utah. Thank Heaven the snowboarder went out the window!
Hawaii. The King Kamehameha (sp) with Diamond Head is the only way to go.
Arizona. the simple Grand Canyon with sunrise and no cactus, etc. if first choice. Way ahead of the others.
Oklahoma. I am sorry they did not make the End of the Trail a finalist, but aside from that the simple pioneer woman and child with the large state behind them is the best. Some are too cluttered.
The Alaska selections are all good, but for me the dogsled one IS Alaska."

"I would like to know where did the princess cruise quarter come from and which state does it represent?"

"Land of the Midnight Sun"! In the winter, when dogs are on sleds and polar bears on icebergs, Alaska is the "Land of the Midday Moon"! Mt. McKinley, dog sled in front, and big dipper above is the best design. "The Last Frontier" is the state motto."

"Wyoming Quarter is not really with Redeo. Best for Wyoming is famous Yellowstone which is FIRST National Park in the World and should have design of Old Faithful Gryser because it is mostly FAMOUS by nature and there are LOT of grysers and Rodeo was NOT first in Wyoming and I found out that First Rodeo was found in Nevada and not Wyoming also Montana is redeo too. Thanks, Phillip of Riverside, CA"

"Quarter design of Utah is not good idea of trains meet on gold spike on the track and nothing to me. Best for Utah is standing famous for ARCH ROCKS because there are LOT of arches rocks around Utah because of nature by God made. Like one on Utah License plate."

"By far to date the Connecticut quarter is the BEST design ... keep up the good work ....
Can't wait for Alaska ... R. Sharp"

"Being a seventh generation Floridian,I think the Great Seal of Florida wood have been the best choice for Florida."

"I thought michigan was bad, then I saw Wyoming."


"BRAVO to the US Mint for the program and Bravo to all the states for (I'm sure) very difficult, very controversial decisions. It is a great and very fun coin program and I love collecting them all. Interesting that some designs "grow" on you! All of the 2001 designs and 2006 designs are wonderful! My favorites: Connecticut and Nevada. Least favorites: New Jersey and New Hampshire"

"I think Alaska's state should be a Native American man near a totem pole and a eagle flying around both the Native American and the Totem Pole."

"I like having Ohio and Florida"

"Just got my 2007 proof set and think this is the best year for the quarter program. Wyoming and Idaho are much better than I thought in person! In fact they are super. Bring on Alaska"

"New Mexico's designs were not worth the wait."

"Of all of the things New Mexico has, they chose to honor Pop Tarts for their quarter"

"I am disappointed that Hawaii's state quaarter does not have a volcano included in its design. After all, these islands were formed from erupting volcanoes. Hawaii Volcano National Park is a major tourist attraction. Also, what about a pineapple?"

"I thought the Alaska state quarter would have a compilation of pictures on its design. For example, I would have chose a collage of Mt. McKinley, the Idatarod Sled Dog Race, the grizzly bear, the polar bear, and maybe an eskimo with an igloo. I definitely agree with the caption "Land of the Midnight Sun.""

"Since Hawaii was the last state admitted to the union, I think their quarter should have "Aloha" printed on it somewhere. My favorite design for this quarter is the third design. I realize that the people of Hawaii are very sensitive when it comes to talk of their statehood, so we should admire their courage and pick a design that truly represents their Polynesian heritage."

"I am very disappointed in Oklahoma's state quarter. I thought it would be more representative of Native Americans and their culture. With Native American ancestors hailing from Oklahoma, I feel we should not forget the struggles, tribulations, and disappointments they were forced to suffer at the hands of progress."

"I think the Washington state quarter is one of the best of the entire collection. It truly captures the spirit of the state with the evergreen and the salmon. The person who finalized this design for the mint was right on the money. No pun intended!"

"Choosing from the four designs for the Alaska quarter will be difficult, but I think my favorite one is the one with the polar bear and the caption, "Land of the Midnight Sun." Since polar bears are close to becoming an endangered species, I think we should honor this majestice animal with a quarter."

"I was raised in Oklahoma and my favorite was the Indian with the names of the Five civilized Tribes. My favorite of those submitted is the Pioneer woman with the shocks of wheat and the state outline."

"What happened to the quarter designs forum?" Quarterdesigns had to close the forum because it was becoming more and more difficult to keep up with the junk posts from the porn and pill pushing, cialis, viagra etc. scum. It's too bad people like that are in the world to ruin it for decent people

"The New Mexico quarter looks like a large floppy disk from the 80's"

"what are the dates for the release of the 2007 quarters?" We only know approximate dates(available here) until closer to the release of each quarter. The next release is Washington April 2, 2007

"When will ALASKA decide on the winning design? It will be a hard hard choice."

"Alaska has a hard choice between the dog sled and Brown bear. (should be able to do both!) I would replace the saying "north to the future" with something else. What does that mean??? Would also "INCUSE" the stars on both these coins."

"Is it just me, or does the eye of the Idaho quarter's falcon creep anyone else out?"

"So far Hawai`i will be the FIRST quarter to Honor indegenous aspects of the State. I am amazed Oklahoma's designs vaguely represent the indian heritage, as long as Nebraska. I like better King Kameha with the mountain background."

"I say no to giving quarters to D.C. Puerto Rico, et al. If they wanted a quarter, they should become states."

"I'm from Alaska and for my state I would have to say my favorite would be the dog sled with denali and the big dipper in the back. It shows 3 major favorites of our state. I hope you choose this one!"

"Fact: Hawai`i was acquired by an Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy under Queen Lili`uokalani. It burns my Okole to no end that again people of Hawai`i have to listen to more Haole crap about ooohh da Haole just Can't Have the king Kamehameha or for christ sakes the State Motto of Hawai`i Ua Mau Ke Ea O ka`ain I Ka Pono."

"How about leaving it up to the State of Hawaii to pick what they want - even GOV Lingle is better at making the decision! Did they do this to all the other states? No wonder Conan O'Brien makes fun of this on his show. . . .
No Democracy. . . ."

"California's could have been so much better if they hadn't shoved so much on it. Half Dome and Yosemite Valley are pretty amazing all by themselves."

"I was also raised in Idaho and I don't think our quarter is the worst (though not the best!). Better to be a little on the simple side than overdone."

"I would like them to put the saguaro in the quarter of Arizona"

"should kids be allowed to vote for everything in real life like for the Governor?"

"numbers 2 and 3 are the way to go for the arizona quarter the other designs are totally scrutinizing to our states quality"

"The Alaska designs are amazing. I tried to choose which would be my favorite but I never came to a definite conclusion between the two bear designs and the dogs.
On the other hand, Oklahoma's designs really are too cluttered. Couldn't find a favorite for that as well because I really didn't have a favorite, The bird and flowers are the least packed together but to me, it's just boring."

"Ya,I live in California. Why do people always pick DUMB designs?"

"•The first commemorative quarter-dollar coin released in 2007 honors Montana, and is the 41st coin in the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters® Program. Montana, nicknamed "Big Sky Country," was admitted into the Union on November 8, 1889, becoming our Nation's 41st state. The reverse of Montana's quarter features a bison skull depicted above the diverse Montana landscape with the inscription "Big Sky Country." The coin also bears the inscriptions "Montana" and "1889."
•The bison skull is a powerful symbol, sacred to many of Montana's American Indian tribes. This symbol can be seen across the State on schools, businesses and license plates, and reflects the rich native tradition of Montana, which was once home to large tribes such as the Crow and the Northern Cheyenne. After a visit from Lewis and Clark, Montana became a destination first for fur trappers and later for gold prospectors following the discovery of gold in the 1860s. Cattle ranchers also made their way west to Montana. This rapid growth in population led to boomtowns. The nickname "Big Sky Country" reminds residents of Montana's open lands and pioneering way.
•The recommended design was chosen based on feedback from the Montana Quarter Design Selection Commission, which was created by Governor Brian Schweitzer, and a subsequent public vote. United States Mint sculptor-engravers and artists participating in the United States Mint's Artistic Infusion Program rendered the "Bison Skull" design and three others submitted to Governor Schweitzer. The designs were based on narratives submitted by Montana residents.
•The Department of the Treasury approved the design on June 22, 2006. The other three designs considered were "Bull Elk," featuring a bull elk posed majestically on a rugged rock formation; "State Outline," showing mountains tapering to the eastern Montana plains; and "Big Sky with River," prominently featuring Montana's big sky with a river emerging from a mountain range."

"My favorite is California because it depicts a bird flying into John Muir's face. It makes me laugh! Man, I hate the New Mexico finalist designs. All of them are pretty much the same, with the thing on the New Mexico flag covering up New Mexico. At least it wasn't the atomic bomb."

"As an Idaho native, I like the falcon. Of course, it would have been better without the state outline awkwardly shoved in - although our state does have a great shape."

"Although oil has been very important to us in Oklahoma, a spouting oil well just doesn't look good on a quarter. The peace pipe is nice, but it looks like the white people are leaving it behind. The bird and flower design is a better way to suggest the Indian heritage - white still eye-catching."

"I hope Arizona goes with the Grand Canyon design. It would be confusing to include the saguaro at all with "Grand Canyon State" motto."

"I loved the ballon festival idea for the new mexico quarter but they have to scret it up with 4 boring similar ideas way to go NM quarter commision."

"Arizona - please just go with the simple Grand Canyon. Trying to put both types of desert together is too much."

"The King Kamehameha statue and Diamond Head are a natural for Hawaii. I hope that one is selected."

"Oklahoma's ideas are too cluttered! Go with the nice bird and be done with it."

"ALASKA should be able to do all three versions(brown bear, polar bear, and dog sled) they are that good! especially the brown bear."

"Hawaii and Arizona will do well with their options but ALASKA will do super as long as they stay away from the miner."

"What the in the world is Oklahoma and New Mexico thinking!? New Mexico should go with the state that has a little detail."

"ALASKA, good luck picking the quarter. What great choices! Hard to pick between the two bears and the dog sled. I'd go with the brown bear with the north star, its very bold and adventerous."

"Darn, New Mexico's choices are too boring for such a beautiful state! Shiprock, White Sands, Santa Fe, Carlsbad Caverns ... why not them?"

"Folks - the New Mexico A-bomb idea (bad idea and bad taste, by the way) was never an officially considered idea! It was sent into this site by some random person. It should have been more clearly labeled as such."

"I was raised in Idaho and have always been a good Idaho ambassador, but WHAT WAS THE GOVERNOR THINKING when the Idaho quarter design was chosen? It is an embarrassment and bland. The design does nothing to promote the state, make anyone want to visit, or learn more about its history, culture, beauty or recreation options . WITHOUT RIVAL, IT IS THE WORST."

"Idaho has to be the best I've seen yet!"

"Texas' design is the worst. we should have had the Alamo on it somewhere."

"I hope with all of my heart that New Mexico does not use the Atomic Bomb design. The Atomic bomb was a very important part of history to be sure. If the U.S. Gov't puts this on a coin it will send the wrong message to the world and our own country as well."

"Congratulations Wyoming on the absolutely most ugly state quarter. What were you people smoking? Heck, the vending machines wont take it cause is so damn ughy"

"•The fifth and final commemorative quarter-dollar coin released in 2007 honors Utah, and is the 45th coin in the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters® Program. Utah was admitted into the Union on January 4, 1896, becoming our Nation's 45th state. The reverse of Utah's quarter features two locomotives moving toward the golden spike that joined the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads, linking East to West and transforming both the Utah Territory and the Nation with the inscription "Crossroads of the West." The coin also bears the inscriptions "Utah" and "1896."
•On May 10, 1869, two steam locomotives met at Promontory, Utah, for the "Joining of the Rails Ceremony," at which the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads completed the transcontinental route. The event was crucial to the development of the American West because it made cross-country travel more convenient and economical. The construction of the railroad, and the subsequent mining boom, brought diverse ethnic and religious populations to Utah. The railroad also symbolized the changing technology, and moved Utah from an agrarian economy to a more industrialized one.
•Even before the time of steam locomotives, Utah experienced a steady flow of explorers and pioneers. The Spaniards first came to explore Utah in the 18th century and were followed by mountain men, Mormons and prospectors in search of precious metals found in the 1860s. Because of its central location, Utah became known as the "Crossroads of the West."
•The Utah Commemorative Quarter Commission invited narrative submissions from the citizens of Utah. The Commission received approximately 5,000 submissions and recommended three concepts to the United States Mint for rendering by the United States Mint sculptor-engravers and artists in the United States Mint's Artistic Infusion Program. More than 150,000 citizens voted in a 25-day statewide vote in April 2006. "Crossroads of the West" prevailed as the favorite design among voters. Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., announced the State's recommendation at the Golden Spike National Historic Site in Promontory on May 10, 2006, the 137th anniversary of the Joining of the Rails.
•The Department of the Treasury approved the design on June 22, 2006. The two other design concepts considered were the "Beehive," featuring a beehive, part of the official seal and State emblem of Utah, symbolizing industry and working together for common purposes, and "Winter Sports," featuring a female snow boarder and celebrating Utah as a world-class winter sport destination and the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics."

"I dig the Wyoming quarter and I'm from California. I've visited Wyoming many times and I believe the quarter reflects the people and the way of life in that state. Simple folks who lead simple lives and appear to love it that way. The simple Cowboy emblam on the quarter is also on all Wyoming license plates, and the logo on the helmets of the University of Wyoming. It's a beautiful representation as far as I'm concerned."

"WV quarter is great. The scenic view is breath taking on the quarter and in person. Excellent choice."

"•The third commemorative quarter-dollar coin released in 2007 honors Idaho, and is the 43rd coin in the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters® Program. Idaho, nicknamed the "Gem State," was admitted into the Union on July 3, 1890, becoming our Nation's 43rd state. The reverse of Idaho's quarter features the Peregrine Falcon imposing its presence above an outline of the State of Idaho. The coin bears the inscriptions "Esto Perpetua" (the State motto which means, "May it be Forever"), "Idaho" and "1890."
•The Peregrine Falcon is one of the fastest birds in the world. Once on the endangered species list, it can now be found throughout Idaho and the United States because of conservation efforts.
•Five narratives were forwarded to the United States Mint, and they were rendered by United States Mint sculptor-engravers and artists in the United States Mint's Artistic Infusion Program. The corresponding design images were presented to Idaho, and then-Governor Dirk Kempthorne made the recommendation. Governor Kempthorne stated that the recommended design, the Peregrine Falcon, reflected Idahoans' traditional values and esteem for nature. This design was derived from one of many narratives submitted by Idaho residents to the Idaho Commission on the Arts.
•The Department of the Treasury approved the design on June 26, 2006. Two other designs were considered, including "Farmland Tapestry," showing the farmland of Idaho with its majestic timber-covered mountains rising above, and "State Song," featuring the outline of the State and lyrics.
•On July 24, 2006, Governor Jim Risch and State Treasurer Ron Crane revealed to the public Idaho's quarter design."

"Proposed New Mexico Designs: I've seen two proposed designs on the 50 State Commemorative Quarter Site and I would hope that you have evolved to the extent that you could not possibly even think about putting "Birthplace of the Atomic Bomb" on your quarter. There must surely be something in your history that is more humanely relevant than a bomb."

"New Mexico coins (quarter design) ... I do not like Atomic bomb air because of scareful and not good idea like N Korea or Iran... I would like Shipbattle Rock in northwestern corner is mostly famous for New Mexico or Indian Zuni sun or Abole of Indian's house... Air hot Balloon is nothing mean to me and it will be disappeared again in the future. But it is very important to Indian in N.Mex. Thank you, Phillip of Riverside California."

"These are the BAD design coins so far: Alabama, Wyoming, Maryland, Kansas"

"These are the designs the 2007 quarters should have:
Montana: The outline of the state.
Washington: The outline of the state.
Idaho: The one with the bird.
Wyoming: Old Faithful.
Utah: The Golden Spike."

"I'll agree some of the states did a bad job of picking, but Iowa had the best one and didn't use it, it said it all. The cow, hog, corn and the wheat and said "Feeding the world" was by far the best and said it all for Iowa."

"State quarters are totally cool! I collect them and I hope to get them all."

"What was the government thinking when he chose the Wyoming quarter?! It looks totally dumb!"

"Yeahhh, Wyoming needed some detail to make it one of the mos attracting!"

"Alabama's quarter is among the MOST BORING ONES!!!"

"The Wyoming state quarter rises to the head of the pack as the worst-looking quarter. The Bucking Horse and Rider is a great concept for the coin and represents the state well, but the final rendition of it is a travesty. It looks like they forgot to finish the engraving and just sent the coin off to production unfinished. The alternate designs with the detailed cowboy and horse would have served the state far better. What were they thinking? Was the design an attempt to avoid the whole trademark infringement issue, or just the result of somebody's "Broke-butt mountain" aesthetic interpretation of the West. Either do the job right, or don't bother. Too bad."

"The tired indian on the tired horse for OK would be the best quarter of the whole series. I've been waiting for it eagerly and was dumbfounded to see it's not even a finalist. How stupid!!!!"

"I love the alabama quarter, its really cool!"

"I would have to agree with you guys on some of your comments on the quarters. Yes some of them are dull and boring. And the govenors should have chosen better designs in the the casses of the boring quarters no doubt about it. But I have to admit The trains and spike was a good choice for ut, since after all that is where the trains met when the east/west railroad was finished. Mt's buffalo skull was a cool idea and is a much part of the west as the trains and Wy's cowboy on his horse. And I have to admit it is a plain one. But, i would have to agree that the american indian or indian artifacts haven't graced any of the quarters. Except Mt And WA , have mentioned in their write ups on the mint's site did mention that the Buffalo skull was sacred to the plains indians as much as the fish of the northwest tribes, to sustain them as a way of life. But there is no mention of mining themes on any of the quarters for the west any where?"

"Last time: On the proposed Montana quarter, it wasn't a caribou! It was an ELK. Caribou are the North American reindeer. Montana is a long way from the Arctic."

"Colarodo is the best but I think the Mesa Verde theme would have been even better."

"2007 designs
Montana: ok but they should've gone with the caribou
Washington: the best one good job i like it
Idaho: ok but shouldve gone with the landscape
Wyoming: HORRIBLE, they were drunk when they chose this. should've gone with the detailed version.
Utah: the best one of them good job"

"I get mad! everytime I look at the MD quarter. Every state has a state house/building. There is absolutely nothing unique about that. MD is the only state that can claim anything akin to the Star Spangled Banner and its significance. Duh to the Governor for his poor choice!!!"

"Dear South Dakota... as a 2-time visitor to your state from Ohio it was sad for me to see what they picked as you official quarter design. The one with Mt. Rushmore and the buffalo is the best design of them all, and should have been the one chosen. The worst thing about the design are the eyes of the presidents... what's up with that?"

"The Hawaii design finalists are up at the official government website. You might want to put them up."

"I laughed out loud at New Mexico's proposed design. The Trinity blast will NEVER make it. Would be nice to have though"

"SD - Who punched Jefferson's right eye. Great theme, but poor design of all figures eyes. What's up with the enormous bird???"

"Arizona should have the Grand Canyon, cactus & a Native American on the coin, with the Grand Canyon State written on it."

"I hope that Hawaii picks the design with Diamond Head and King Kamehameha. I also feel that the King should be on the coin whether Diamond Head is on the coin or not."

"Way to stereotype yourself, Wisconsin."

"i like hawaii"

"it is very insulting and racist to even speak about immigrants the way people have spoken on these comments"

"Wyoming has alot more to see than a bucking horse. Yellowstone and the Tetons are the most popular places the vacationers spend their money. I feel the state quarter should have both, Yellowstone and Tetons on it. Please! My Dad was born in Wyoming in 1900, make me proud."

"A few years back Eleanor Holmes-Norton proposed the 50 statehood quarter program be extended after 2008 to include Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and/or Guam or American Samoa. Has anyone heard any more regarding this happening?"

"In my opinion, the Wyoming quarter is absolutely brilliant. It uses a visual concept/symbol that is uniquely and recognizably linked to the state, and it does it in a simple but straightforward way. I think it's the best quarter design so far(and I'm not from Wyoming)."

"I pray New Mexico rethinks its proposed designs maybe balloons with chile peppers on them or some reference to the Pueblos in the north?"

"ND blew it! I liked the farmhouse design cuz I rented places like that for as little as $100/month ten years ago......"

"Oh poor Wyoming. Yes, we are the Equality State; the Indian Paintbrush is the state flower. We have the magnificent Grand Tetons, Devil’s Tower, and Yellowstone Park with good Ol’ Faithful. The Jackalope was first introduced in Douglas Wyoming in 1829....which has been featured on other state coins. Too bad that didn’t get featured along with the Tetons as a background. That state registered trademark bucking bronco is farrrr toooo bland."

"Why no designs depicting Native Americans? They are an integral part of our Western history, and they have been left out---again. For shame!"

"I hope there is a way the U.S. mint can include the U.S. territories and District of Columbia after the 50 states are through in 2008."

"I started buying the annual silver proof sets in the beginning, and to me it was a work in progress as far as engraving for the most part. Now the $1 presidential coins will overlap the last few years of the quarters. Sorry!!! My proof set collection ends with the quarters."

"2007 is the $1 Presidential series first year. Go to to see them, awesome"

"Does anyone know when New Mexico will choose its design?"

"Louisiana the best........hands down"

"I'm from the Great State of Idaho where fishing, hunting, farming, mountains, rivers, even the potato would have been more representative of our state. BIG MISTAKE GOVERNOR!!!! SCS!!!!!!!!!!!"

"colorado is boring, Mesa Verde was a better choice"

"The 5 best: Colorado,Mississippi, Maryland, South Dakota, and Alabama The 5 worst: Wyoming, Massuchusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut"

"why do people pick on states?"

"why is everybody cosing worst ones? they're all good can't wait till south dakota comes out!"

"Florida's coin is the best and delaware was the worst come on we're not in 1786"

"I think the 50 states Quarters are awsome and I colloct them and hope to get them all!"

"Colorado's the best! Wyoming's the worst!"

"Idaho what are you thinking!? you guys are total idiots."

"Come on, New Mexico! Make a decision!"

"C'mon North Dakota, the buffalo was so 2005. Get with it."

"Three best: Florida, Illinois, and Missouri;
Three worst: Mississippi, Idaho, and Alabama (sorry Helen)"

"South Carolina is a BORING QUARTER
For NICE QUARTERS LOOK FOR Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, they are EYE CATCHING IMMEDIATETLY"

"If I had to pick a worst quarter it be either Texas or Connecticut both were too borrowing. I don't like Montana's quarter either. Why is everyone picking on Michgan. The state after all is knowed for the great lakes. I do agree an automoble should have included in the design. My favorite is South Carolina."

"Nevada best so far, followed by North Dakota-The Michigan design is the worst-Lake Ontario is not even close to the state. Brilliant choice...."

"My project is about Maine for school. The quarter is very neat!!!!!!!"

"Sure, the Idaho State Bird is the Mountain Bluebird. So what do they put on our quarter? A bird that eats bluebirds. Brilliant!"

"as of now, idaho has # 50 locked up, its terrible"

"message from zoran-sremska kamenica,europe:louisiana is tne best,maryland is the worst one"

"Why on earth would the U.S. mint choose a design for the Idaho quarter that does not even represent the state. How about something like agriculture, outdoors, and the beautiful Snake River Canyon? When people think about Idaho they don't think about a dumb bird."

"I like the design that has been chosen for the Montana quarter. It will be my new favorite design of all the state quarters."

"you!!!! the person who sugested poop!!!You are disrespectful to the country!!!!"

"I personally like the Idaho design. I'm glad they decided to celebrate the Peregrine Falcon, which has made a dramatic comeback in the U.S.. This distinction will be lost on most who read this, but the subdued facial features on the bird almost make it look like a Prairie Falcon, a bird that I think is more common in Idaho. The Wyoming design is the worst of the five finalists. I agree that New Mexico has to be nuts to think a mushroom cloud would be appropriate for a U.S. coin, though I see the dark humor in it. The pheasant on the South Dakota, while that is their state bird, is ironic since it's an introduced species which is only there so people can shoot them. Still, it does look nice on the quarter, even if the figures on Mt. Rushmore do all look like they are fighting some foul smell."

"I think Montana coin is a best design of all !"

"I am curious if anyone has experienced this? The closer I live to a mint the longer it seems that I obtain a new quarter. I lived about a 1/2 an hour from Philadelphia when this program started and it seemed to take a while until I saw each new quarter, from DE to NJ. After that I moved to VA, I lived there from GA to IN and would usually within two weeks of there release I would see them. In 2002 I moved to CO and did not see a MS until 2003. Now that I actually live in Denver and work down the street from the mint I usually see the new Quarter sometime after the release of the next quarter. For example I did not obtain the CO quarter until after the ND quarter was released. I was just curious if anyone noticed this."

"Everyone posting on this site should be required to indicate their age. I can tolerate scatological comments if I know they're from a 9 year old kid. And political commentary that blames the Texas governor for the actions of the Colorado governor can be overlooked when authored by a 4th grader. But if I don't know, I'm tempted to assume it's the work of an adult idiot. No matter what the age, preoccupation with poop means a lifetime of therapy. Let's just talk quarters. "And 'Head'! Light a match!""

"With all the history Pennsylvania has from Revolutionary to Civil War, the liberty bell, Independence Hall, it certainly fell short of being a great quarter."

"What happened to California's coin? Thought it was going to have a mexican running across the freeway. That's more like Califonia...."

"Yeah, Colorado is a boring!, MESA VERDE theme was better"

"Colorado had some excellent designs submitted in a design contest. Most citizens of Colorado prefered the other designs over the one selected by our illustrious governor. I guess it's one more way for our Texas governor to stick it to us."

"I like the Idaho quarter because I like the bird on it."

"Yeah Yeah Kentucky da best quarter!"

"What did the U.S. Mint forget to put on the Orgeon quarter?: They forgot to add poop in the lake, wich would be much funnier. How about that? Is that too complicated, to funny, or too unpredicable. I think they should put poop in all of the state quarters. How about that?"

"well, maryland is worst than michigan"

"nm with the three balloons no bombs please"

"i like the hawaii with king kamahmah on it"

"i like the az quarter design with the mission and cactus on it the best"

"after 2008 the new 2009 and on quarter should be redesigned with maybe mt vernon on the reverse like montecello is on jefferson coin"

"Wyoming must not have been able to put Old Faithful on its quarter because it looked too much like a cauliflower, and Missouri had already staked its claim to being the Cauliflower State."

"Why is the boat sailing AWAY from maine? And why is the giant bird attacking John Muir?"

"Finalist number 10 looks more like a hula dancer than a native American. Maybe this one should be in the running for the Hawaii quarter"

"michigan will be #50, until the territories are added to the program, 2009, then michigan will be #56."

"Michigan and Texas, are way worst than Wyoming!!"

"the best quarter is wyoming!not"

"I think New Mexico State quarter should have a UFO on it"

"I guess I should have submitted my design for a recreational water craft airborne over an Oklahoma lake."

"After reading these comments, I only have ONE thing to say. If some of you would learn to use spell check and proofread what you submitted, other people would, at least, believe that We, as Americans, can spell the simplest of words and know something about sentence structure. "OK CLASS, PROOFREAD YOUR WORK BEFORE TURNING IT IN"."

"the wyoming quarter is #50! I don't even need to see the 2008 quarters to know this"

"When will New Mexico release its narratives?"

"Dear "Oh for crying out loud", Don't you know we only want "real Americans" on our coins. You know, the people who "discovered" the place. If you don't understand this concept, just ask Senator Allen from Virginia, he doesn't monkey around."

"Yeah,...and during the time of the "wooden arch", which was actually inspired by the Trojan Horse, they also had these giant, prehistoric broccoli plants growing on the banks of the Mississippi. Would loved to have lived back then. I'm impressed that the Mint was able to capture it all on one spectacular coin!!!"

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