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About Quarterdesigns

I have collected coins off and on through my life. My interest was renewed with the launch of the 50 State Quarters Program and began collecting them at their start in 1999. Marketing for the state quarters was a little slow at the beginning, and even in the second half of 1999 I could not locate a Whitman style folder for collecting the state quarters. So I started collecting them in a plain Whitman quarter folder and writing the year and mint mark underneath. After a few years all that changed dramatically and many choices were available for different levels of collecting.

As proposed designs were published in the coin magazines and on the internet it was fun to see what might be chosen for each state quarter. I would use various search engines and keyword combinations to try to keep up with proposed designs. What I began to notice was images were posted on the net for a while during the process of choosing, but once the winning design was chosen the other proposals were removed. When I would try to show someone one of the other designs that did not win they were almost impossible to locate. I was guilty myself of not keeping a copy of images that I liked. The two designs that stood out the most were the "Daniel Boone" with dog proposed for Kentucky, and the "Snowflake" proposed for Vermont. I searched the net for a website that was tracking the state quarters and keeping the designs win or lose. I could only find two sites, but they were not very comprehensive. Was I the only one interested in the state quarters going through this search? I didn't think so. After much frustration wondering why I could not locate someone maintaining a site such as this, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I had been doing website design for a few years and thought to myself "I have the ability so why don't I just build a site myself and stop the frustration." That was how this site came to be. I wanted to make a site that could be a repository for all of the proposed images I could accumulate for the state quarters. It's pretty easy to locate the designs proposed during the current year. The challenge was to accumulate as much as I could to represent each of the states from previous years that were already circulating.

After some time of gathering images I decided I had enough to build the actual website. Over the final weekend I decided I would put it all together on Tuesday my day off from work. On Tuesday I woke up early intent on building the website. To not have any distractions I left the radio and television off so I could concentrate on my project. Over about the next seven hours I built the framework of this website. I was very proud of what I had accomplished during the day and was glad it was done. It was about five o'clock in the afternoon and I was ready for a break so I turned on the television.

It was just a Tuesday and it was my day off work, but as the television came on I could not believe what I was seeing. The reason was that this Tuesday was September 11, 2001. I sat glued to the television as news reports replayed the days events. I wondered if I should call someone, but I didn't know who to call. I thought of calling my work to see if they had heard of what had happened, but I didn't. I just sat there watching the television.

If I had turned on the television that morning I know I would not have gotten any work done that day. The quarterdesigns website probably would have still been made, but at a later date. This website was created to fill a need I had, but I hope it is useful for others interested in the state quarters.

Today on this fourth anniversary of September 11, 2001 I would like to honor all of the victims and their families touched by the tragedy that day.

Quarterdesigns is not an official government website or connected to any official entity in any way. For the official US Mint Quarters website-Click Here. Quarterdesigns is an independent website and makes no claims of completeness of design concepts for any state. Contained here are images gathered from the internet and other resources regarding the state quarters. Quarterdesigns includes a collection of designs submitted to states, but in no way is a complete archive of all of the finalists concepts or submissions. Many states have had thousands of designs submitted from which ultimately finalists are chosen.

Quarterdesigns is a non-commercial website for informational, educational and research purposes for the multitudes collecting state quarters.

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